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Reflexology & Aromatherapy

Reflexology is an ancient practice which involves applying pressure with hands on the feet, a Reflexology treatment stimulates the whole body as the feet are a body map of the body, to bring a balance to the body this includes a balance to the mind too.
Reflexology has an ancient history, it can been seen in Egypt by hieroglyphs at The Physician Tomb. It also was used back in historic Chinese culture to aid health.
Reflexology is not evasive or aggressive but gentle by bringing subtle changes to help to balance the whole body, mind and physical wellbeing.
RLD (Reflexology lymphatic drainage) is a unique treatment stimulating lymph, therefore aiding lymph movement around the body, it can be an effective treatment for lymphatic issues as well as encouraging a general well being.

Some Conditions Can it help, these are just a few,

- Anxiety, deep long term and debilitating
- Stress, affecting mind and body
- Mood swings, helps balance
- Aids sleeping patterns
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- PMT symptoms
- Helps menstrual cycles
- Menopausal effects
- Compromised lymph
- Swollen feet/arms

What Benefits can be Expected?
- Over a course of 4-6 treatments reflexology aims brings a balance within the body, often an emotional issue can show in a physical
symptom and also the other way around, ie shoulder issues can be a sign of emotional weighing down.
- Everyone carries some kind of imbalance or we wouldn't be human! Physical and emotional often overlap and mask underlying
issues. I suggest 4-6 treatments, over 6-12 weeks (dependent on the conditions/s). Every 2 to 6 week intervals for maintenance, this
is my general view however this does vary dependent on the client.

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